Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cabarrus County Now

Cabarrus County is situated in the gently rolling countryside of the Carolina Piedmont. Historically Cabarrus county was the home of Cannon Mills Textiles, Phillip Morris Tobacco Company and the home to many NASCAR Shops with the Speedway bringing in it’s own city twice a year.

Over the last several years Cabarrus County has been experiencing a transition. With the assistance of David Murdock, Cabarrus County was able to replaced Cannon Mills with a North Carolina Research Campus, bringing a more technological focus into the community. The loss of Phillip Morris is being greeted with much positive optimism and speculation. The gain of a state of the art Drag strip has the community buzzing.

The 2007 NC Census estimated the population of Cabarrus County to be 163,262.
It is divided into twelve townships: Central Cabarrus, Harrisburg, Concord, Poplar Tent, Kannapolis, New Gilead, Rimertown, Gold Hill, Mount Pleasant, Georgeville, and Midland.

Weather is temperate with hot summers and mild to chilly winters. Severe weather occurs occasionally, with thunderstorms in the warmer months of the year and occasional ice storms and snowfalls occurring in the winter. For more detailed information on Cabarrus County please visit the US Census Bureau’s 2006 American Community Survey.

For a local News, Weather, Businesses, Services, Events and more visit: CabarrusNow.com

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