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Recently Married Couples Have Six-Figure Assets, but Lack Adequate

Life Insurance Protection

October 2008 While newlyweds traditionally receive advice from friends and relatives on secrets for a successful marriage, protecting their financial future is one thing seemingly forgotten in these conversations.

A recent survey by Allstate Insurance Company shows the value of newlyweds’ combined assets is approximately $107,000 on average. However, few newlyweds are actually taking steps to protect their financial future through purchases such as life insurance. The majority of the respondents (61%) did not purchase a policy before marriage, and 64% of those still had not purchased life insurance within the first three years of marriage. In fact, only 23% of these spouses claimed to have bought life insurance during their first year of marriage, and this trend continued in years two (2%) and three (7%).

“Newlyweds have several things to consider in their first year of marriage, one of which should be wealth protection and obligations they are now taking on jointly,” said Jim Hohmann, president and CEO of Allstate Financial, a business unit of the Allstate Corporation. “While many individuals may have life insurance coverage through their employer, most of these policies only cover up to two times a person’s current salary and are not portable from one job to another. In general, individuals should purchase policies that are at least five times their current salary, but that needs to be balanced with the couples’ long-term goals. Newlyweds should meet with a life insurance professional to review all their options and considerations.”


First Anniversary – The “Paper” Gift

The survey also found that 42% of respondents think that life insurance would be a thoughtful and meaningful gift for their spouse. However, just 3% of respondents said they received or would likely receive a card or note to meet with a life insurance agent as an anniversary gift.

“While life insurance may not be a romantic anniversary gift, our survey suggests that couples see it as an important gift,” said Hohmann. “Not having life insurance truly could be a costly oversight. That first year of marriage may be hectic, but newlyweds should set aside time to talk to a life insurance professional and begin planning.”

Allstate offers the following checklist as a guideline when thinking about life insurance coverage:

  • Talk to an expert. Work with an Allstate professional to evaluate your financial needs and goals and to determine how much life insurance you and your spouse will need. Each situation is different and it’s important to learn about possible coverage amounts and options.
  • Plan for the future. Do you plan on having children? Will you have debts that would need to be paid? Will you have enough to cover your children’s education costs? Will you have aging parents that may need taking care of? All of these common life situations require planning – having life insurance in the event of untimely death can help provide an added layer of protection for these situations.
  • Don’t rely on savings alone. Many people do not have enough in their personal savings, and if people don’t have enough saved, their family most likely won’t be able to pay off final expenses or be able to hold onto assets like a home. Life insurance is important to have for that added layer of protection.
  • Employer-based coverage is not enough. Typically, group life insurance through an employer isn’t portable – meaning if an employee leaves the job, he or she is probably also leaving the life insurance protection behind. Having an individual life insurance policy purchased through an insurance agent or financial professional, however, will have no effect on the coverage provided by an employer.


Additional Research Findings

The Allstate survey also revealed the following:

· More men (42%) than women (35%) had life insurance beyond their employers’ coverage prior to marriage.

· More than half (53%) of the respondents said purchasing life insurance policies showed a commitment to their future together as spouses.

· More than three-fourths (77%) of respondents gave their spouse a first anniversary gift.

· While the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, two-thirds of respondents did not follow tradition when giving an anniversary gift to their spouse.

For more information on life insurance, contact Allstate agent Mary Kelnhofer at 704-794-9777, or via email at

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*Survey of 1070 men and women who have been married between 1 and 3 years conducted by Impulse Research in August 2007 on behalf of Allstate®. Respondents were not informed that the survey was being conducted on behalf of Allstate®.

About Allstate

The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer. Widely known through the “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate®” slogan, Allstate is reinventing protection and retirement to help individuals in approximately 17 million households protect what they have today and better prepare for tomorrow. Customers can access Allstate products and services such as auto insurance and homeowners insurance through approximately 14,700 exclusive Allstate agencies and financial representatives in the U.S. and Canada, or in select states at and 1-800 Allstate®. Encompass® and Deerbrook® Insurance brand property and casualty products are sold exclusively through independent agents. The Allstate Financial Group provides life insurance, supplemental accident and health insurance, annuity, banking and retirement products designed for individual, institutional and worksite customers that are distributed through Allstate agencies, independent agencies, financial institutions and broker-dealers. Customers can also access information about Allstate Financial Group products and services at

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cabarrus County Now

Cabarrus County is situated in the gently rolling countryside of the Carolina Piedmont. Historically Cabarrus county was the home of Cannon Mills Textiles, Phillip Morris Tobacco Company and the home to many NASCAR Shops with the Speedway bringing in it’s own city twice a year.

Over the last several years Cabarrus County has been experiencing a transition. With the assistance of David Murdock, Cabarrus County was able to replaced Cannon Mills with a North Carolina Research Campus, bringing a more technological focus into the community. The loss of Phillip Morris is being greeted with much positive optimism and speculation. The gain of a state of the art Drag strip has the community buzzing.

The 2007 NC Census estimated the population of Cabarrus County to be 163,262.
It is divided into twelve townships: Central Cabarrus, Harrisburg, Concord, Poplar Tent, Kannapolis, New Gilead, Rimertown, Gold Hill, Mount Pleasant, Georgeville, and Midland.

Weather is temperate with hot summers and mild to chilly winters. Severe weather occurs occasionally, with thunderstorms in the warmer months of the year and occasional ice storms and snowfalls occurring in the winter. For more detailed information on Cabarrus County please visit the US Census Bureau’s 2006 American Community Survey.

For a local News, Weather, Businesses, Services, Events and more visit:

Cabarrus Now - What is it? is an up-to-date community website all about Cabarrus County, NC.
With over 100 pages, CabarrusNow provides Cabarrus County news, Local weather, a directory of Cabarrus County businesses, Restaurants, and Churches, Cabarrus County Events, Festivals and Activities as well as individual city resources for Concord, Kannapolis, Midland, and Harrisburg.
It's all in one place! So make it easy on yourself and just Click IT!

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is October 5 - October 11, 2008.
In 1920, President Woodrow Wilson issued the first National Fire Prevention Day proclamation, and since 1922, Fire Prevention Week has been observed on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls. According to the National Archives and Records Administration's Library Information Center, Fire Prevention Week is the longest running public health and safety observance on record. The President of the United States has signed a proclamation proclaiming a national observance during that week every year since 1925.
In Cabarrus County you may contact Norman Franklin, Fire Safety Educator at 704-920-5529 for further information.

Yard Sale Sign Reminder Let’s work together to keep our roadways clean.

Officials with the City of Concord’s Zoning Enforcement would like to remind citizens of the regulations regarding the placement of signs.
• Signs must be no more than six square feet.
• May not be illuminated.
• May remain in place for 72 hours.
• May be placed in a yard or alongside an intersecting street provided they are not located in a sight triangle or street right-of-way.
• Must not be placed on any tree, street sign or utility pole. (Any signs placed in the right of way or on any utility pole will be removed).
• All signs must be self- standing.
City employees will remove signs, which do not meet the above requirements.
For more information please contact:
Deborah Clark Public Relations Manager
Phone: 704-920-5204

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Help the Cabarrus County Rock-a-Thon benefit

Volunteers and sponsors are needed for Cabarrus County Senior Center's second annual Off Your Rocker Rock-a-Thon.

The all-ages, 24-hour benefit will begin at 4 p.m. Oct. 17 at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, 4751 N.C. 49, Concord, NC.

It will include live music, dancing, movies, amusements for children, a silent auction and live auction, and a classic car show. (Classic car owners can enter the show for $25.)

Individuals or members of organizations can serve as Rock-a-Teers to raise funds for each minute spent “rocking.” Groups can spend the night at their own “camp site.”

Businesses and organizations can sponsor one of 40 rocking chairs or donate food, door prizes and auction items. Sponsorship levels range from $300 to $5,000. Proceeds will help expand programs and provide more resources to Cabarrus County's growing older adult population.

Details: 704-920-3484 or

Third Annual Kannapolis Kares Day on Tap

The City of Kannapolis, North Carolina will be hosting the third annual Kannapolis Kares Day Saturday, September 20, 2008.
On this day of city-wide community service, the City actively seeks volunteer activities from civic, educational, neighborhood, business and religious organizations.
“We are excited to be coordinating our third annual Kannapolis Kares Day,” said Kannapolis Community Outreach Coordinator Renee Goodnight. “Each year the event has grown larger, and we’re looking forward to making the event a permanent fixture on the City’s calendar.”

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bruster's Ice Cream

Did you know the Bruster's Ice Cream Shop in Kannapolis, NC is Family owned and managed?

Greg and Marcie Farr along with their two daughters seem very community oriented participating in the Kannapolis Farmer's Market, school programs and fund-raising events, providing music from Jeff Whittington in their complexes courtyard (Friday July 18), and joining the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce.

While serving their fresh fruity sorbets and rich tasting real ice cream they are getting to know the residents of Kannapolis. So stop buy and give this family owned business a true southern welcome while enjoying a little refreshment during these hot days of summer!

Address: 2257 Spider Dr, Kannapolis, NC / Phone:704-784-2125
(off exit 60 across from Walmart)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fire Safety Tips from Allstate

Concord, NC – With the arrival of warmer temperatures, summer fireworks celebrations and dry outdoor conditions caused by the drought across the Southeast, consumers need to make sure they are prepared in case a fire breaks out.

“Fire safety is an important issue for everybody to think about,” says Allstate agent Mary Kelnhofer. ”By following the tips below, hopefully the only things that consumers lose in a fire are their possessions.”

• Check the batteries in your smoke detectors often. Keep extra batteries on hand and replace them every six months.
• Check your smoke detectors monthly. Replace any that are 10 years or older. Make sure everyone knows that the piercing sound means danger, and they should escape quickly.
• Position detectors smartly. Place one on every level of your home and near areas where you and your family sleep.
• Keep detectors away from heating and cooling ducts and at least six inches from where walls and ceilings meet.
• Keep fire extinguishers handy. Make sure there’s at least one on each floor – especially near the kitchen, garage, laundry room and workshop.
• Talk with your family and make sure everyone knows what to do in case a fire breaks out. Make sure you have two ways out of your house.
• Create a fire safety plan, with a designated meeting place.

The following tips are for residents of high-rise buildings in the event of a fire.

• Go down the window fire escape if your building has one.
• If your building does not have a window fire escape, take the following actions:
1) Feel the door to the hall with the back of your hand. If it is hot, put a wet towel along the floor crack to keep smoke out. Go to the window and wave a colorful cloth to catch the attention of firefighters.
2) If the door to the hall does not feel hot, leave the apartment and go down the nearest stairs. In the event of a fire, never try to take an elevator. If the power in the burning building fails, you could be trapped.
• If the hall is filled with smoke, get down close to the floor and crawl to the nearest stairs. You will breathe in less smoke if you stay low.

For more information on fire safety topics, contact Allstate agent Mary Kelnhofer at 704-794-9777, or via email at

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Time To Get Involved In Your Local Government

You don't have to attend every meeting to be active in your local government, but you can keep up to date about what's going on in your community. The internet links below can help you stay informed about the boards, their members and committees as well as Local activities and issues:
• Cabarrus County -
• Concord -
• Harrisburg -
• Kannapolis -
• Midland -
• Mt. Pleasant- Website not available at this time.

Cabarrus County Red Cross "Snowflake Breakfast"

On January 25th, 2008, before the frost thawed from the cars a group of people traveled to the Embassy Suites Hotel in Concord to participate in the American Red Cross
"Snow Flake Breakfast".
The morning was spent listening to Guest Speaker Mike Minter who gave a powerful speech about Time, Talent & Treasures.
Mr. Minter encouraged everyone to take an active part in their community and to share with one another. Mr. Minter was
also appointed an Honorary Board Chairman of the Cabarrus County American Red Cross Chapter.
All proceeds from this event went to support the local
Cabarrus County Red Cross Chapter.
For information on you can help call 704-782-9022.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

All Breed Cat Show in Concord, NC

Carolina Sophisticats
Hearts a' Fire All Breed Cat Show
February 9th & 10th, 2008
10 am to 4 pm
Cabarrus County Arena & Events Center
450 Cat Limit
10AM-4PM Sat/Sun

Night-time CO-ED Basketball

The last Friday of each month, 9-11 p.m.
Ongoing, come join the fun!
Logan Multi-Purpose Center
151 Rone Ave. S.W., Concord
Ages 18 and older
Create a team and play after hours
Cost: Free
Call for more info. 704-920-5603.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cabarrus County Junior Miss Scholarship program

Junior Miss is a scholarship program that promotes education and excellence in all areas of life. Junior Miss is proud to have helped many young women receive an education and become successful in their chosen careers. Diane Sawyer, Deborah Norville, Kim Basinger, and Debra Messing are just a few of
our well known Junior Misses, but many others have achieved success in various professions such as business, law, journalism, medicine and religion. Junior Miss is back in Cabarrus County for the first time in over 20 years.
We are looking for volunteers, contestants, donors, and
financial support from local individuals and businesses.
Please visit our website to learn more about the Cabarrus County Junior Miss at
Entry deadline for rising senior girls in Cabarrus County is
June 15, 2008. Entry into the program is free.The Cabarrus County Junior Miss program will be held on September 13, 2008.

The Carolina Speed Add More Strength and Size

Carolina Speed Add More Strength and Size on Their Offensive and Defensive Lines

In the AIFA, it is very important on defense to put pressure on the quarterback and on offense to keep pressure away from the quarterback. The Speed coaching staff felt that they needed to go out and get the best of the best so that they have a very strong offensive and defensive line.

Marcus Huntley played college ball a little up the road at Catawba College where he had a very successful college career. He was the 2003 Freshman of the Year, Pre-Season All American, and a four year All Conference Player. Marcus had work outs for Minnesota and Cleveland and was predicted to be a top free agent after the draft. “Marcus is one of those players that slip through the cracks like many other players that should be playing at the next level,” said Head Coach Ervin Bryson. Marcus is very pleased to be playing with the Speed in front of his family and friends again.

The Speed also signed Defensive Lineman Curtis Issac who played at Louisiana Lafayette. During his senior year, Curtis had 43 tackles (12 for lost yardage), 6.5 sacks, and 1 forced fumble. His speed, size, and strength will make him a dominant force in this league. Curtis feels playing with the Speed will give him an opportunity to be recognized by the next level scouts.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Speed is proud to announce the signing of Bennitt “Big Moe” Waddell. Big Moe is a 6’6, 330lbs. offensive lineman with a ton of experience. He has played in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings, NFL Europe, CFL, and AF2. Early injuries set Big Moe back a little, but he is hungry to get back to playing football again.
Speed season and individual tickets are on sale now at the Cabarrus Arena Box Office. For more information, call 704-920-3805.

The Carolina Speed Seeking Corporate Sponsorship

The Carolna Speed Indoor Arena Football team has several
Corporate Sponsorship opportunities still available for
the upcoming 2008 season.
First Home game isMarch 15 at the
Cabarrus Arena & Events center.
For details call (704) 920-3976